King’s Favorite Mugs, features gold screened printing of quotes from the
The King’s Favorite Book on the front of each mug and a cooresponding Bible verse on the back side. Choose from 4 different designs, all on a black1 0oz. Boston Irish Coffee Mug . Mug Size: 3.3125”w x 4.25”h. Mug Assortment available with all four designs.

"The Father Has Compassion On You" Mug


    A Treasure of Resources

    To Draw You To God

    Portals to Heaven 

    Learning to Experience the Presence of God through the “Metaphor-du-Jour”


    This 52-week devotional inspires while it teaches us how to experience God’s presence through our senses in-the-moment. With three decades behind him in the field of hearing healthcare, specialist Robert J. LaCosta helps us tune our ears and other senses through the metaphor-du-jour right in front of us. The devotional helps you identify the beautiful hints that God drops continuously. Live joyously as God’s presence unfolds through portals to heaven. Relish God’s beauty. Live in his presence. Experience peace and security. Look forward to the day you’ll step through the portal forever.

    The King's Favorite Book

    A StoryJournal™


    In the author’s own words, “The King’s Favorite Book • A StoryJournal™ may well be my favorite.” The 565-word short story details a man’s dream of meeting a king who tells him that his prayers comprise the monarch’s favorite book. The StoryJournal™ is laid out in the beginning of the book and helps readers to journal prayers that neither they nor God will forget. The medieval motif moves journalers to sit beside and be surprised at the accessibility of the most magnanimous monarch they could hardly imagine.

    Like Father, Like Son

    A Parable

    "An Adult Story for Children

    & A Children's Story for Adults"

    Like Father, Like Son is one of the most moving stories about a father-son relationship and their devotion to one another. The author says it’s so simple that he terms it “An adult story for children and a children’s tale for adults.” While the words God nor Jesus appear, The parable is a recognizable and quick read and features characters that all ages will relate to and love. One review said that “C.S. Lewis couldn’t have written it any better.”

    Gamaliel's Advice

    Taking Down God


    Gamaliel’s Advice - Taking Down God is an intergenerational story based on the true events of the longest-running court case on religious freedom in American history: the Mt. Soledad Veteran’s Cross lawsuit. While it documents some of the lengthy legal case that actually outlives the plaintiff, it is much more than a court drama. Set in San Diego where the marathon suit hogged headlines across three decades, the story revolves around a lawsuit against a veteran’s cross that was on public land that came to the attention of The White House, Congress and Supreme Court. Fictionalized to portray the rapidity of changes in a nation, it centers around the generational differences of an aging veteran and his granddaughter.