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Image by César Couto

About The Song...

I wrote Love Goes Viral in the midst of the pandemic as news surfaced of courage and love. Between the song’s lines, a fourfold message emerges:


1) determine to counter hard circumstances with decisive acts of love,


2) take our minds off ourselves and our own physical and mental isolation,


3) follow the example of those who are changing the world one life and one act at a time, and,


4) we are all in this together. Perhaps God is using a tragedy to sculpt his love across every kind of barrier? 

Some ask songwriters about their thoughts while writing a composition. Actually, I have a standard reply: “It feels like a download from God because it’s written within you and just happens to spill out into song.”


In the case of Love Goes Viral, I heard those words in my head and quickly put them into my “Notes” on my phone. 


The opening lines were inspired by my travels to Ghana and the wonderful hearts of nurse’s aides who were from Ghana and took care of my father-in-law over the span of seven years in a long-term facility.


The song travels from New York City to the small towns to the personal experience of having my stepdaughter face the postponement of her wedding and several grads that we know missing out on their well-earned commencements.


The bridge is meant to cast hope virally as we think and act in a loving manner. 


I asked some friends to help play it and these musicians were as humble as they were skilled.


Subtleties built into the song by studio producer Scott Apicelli were masterful…there’ more in the song than meets the ear at first. He also jumped in with his “train-beat” rhythm on drums. Greg Miller laid down a perfect acoustic track from across the country, getting us off to a great start. Keyboardist Bruce Winn is a good friend, a great musician and incredible harmonizer who also produced the drum track. Gary Halbedel smokes on lead guitar and carries the tune right along. Guitarist Jeff Beach, bassist Joel Aery and mandolin player Tom Aery complimented the tenor of the composition at the very outset of the project by their courage to simply go with the flow!

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