The Sermon On The...Branch

Weeding and trimming makes you acutely aware of why Jesus told agri-parables. My eight-foot bushes resembled my humidified-overdue-for-a-cut hair. After the trusty Toro rechargeable trimmer did wonders on the hedges (if only my stylist could do the same thing for me), it was hard not to notice a couple of stick-like branches that stood out. They didn’t quite fit the nice rounded look. Of course, any rational gardener would be driven nuts looking at them. But as I sat glaring at my overlooked error, a playful hummingbird repeatedly landed on that exact “mistake.” He not only sat there time after time, it looked as if he was scolding me for scolding myself. He would not shut up. The kicker was that the branch stood out and it was that aspect that allowed me to see and see the tiny creature. If he had been in the bush, I wouldn’t have gotten to enjoy such a clear view of my metaphor-du-jour.

PORTAL TO HEAVEN: God doesn’t encourage our mistakes, but He sure can use them.

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