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The Deadline Doorway: Is Yours Open or Shut?

Deadlines conjure up either stress or excitement.

Some athletes are called “money players.” They love playing under pressure. That’s when they step it up as the clock ticks down.

When goal-oriented people face a deadline, they tend to think of the end result and it motivates and invigorates them. Still others collapse when facing timing issues.

Seniors know of the final deadline. Their bodies tell them every day and those who are advanced in age don’t need any reminders of what is coming.

Some tell those in their last-third to take it easy because they deserve it.

Still, other seniors seem to get spurred on by the deadline of life’s end and are fruitful beyond expectations. These productive seniors feel that God has earned their best by giving them so much for so long.

That could make the youngest among us take a different look at deadlines.

PORTAL TO HEAVEN: The things that make us tense might actually be the stairway to opportunity…just ask a student before finals.

Even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green…What shall I repay to the Lord For all His benefits to me?

Psalm 92:14 NLT, Psalm 116:12 NASB


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