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THIS WEEK: What Hasn't Changed During COVID (Continued) Please share this post.

ABOVE: Dad's Depression-era incorporation seal still works!!! BELOW: Take 90 seconds to watch beautiful sunrise and listen to today's inspiring message.

COVID instantly dried up a lot of federal and state grant money.

What it hasn’t squelched is old-fashioned hard work and entrepreneurialism. 

At a local business association, we ate from a humble local food truck who continues to work hard every day and at night, in our case.  We heard from the town supervisor who laid out plans of explosive expansion with regard to our local river port, rail and highway systems.

It made me remember my dad’s incorporation seal dated 1932 - smack in the middle of The Great Depression. Out of those economic ashes, that humble beginning turned into a decades-long business that helped to feed and educate seven of us hungry kids.

These converging present-past fearless acts triggered a question for me: “If I wasn’t fearing the future, what would stop me from starting something that could be a blessing for others?”

For me, the answer is the “Love Goes Viral” campaign to raise money for orphans and foster kids. Go to and grab some merch that benefits two great charities.

PORTAL TO HEAVEN: God’s timing is the only one that counts and we must march to heaven’s beat with a bounce in our steps.

But when the fullness of the time came, God sent forth His Son… Galatians 4:4 NASB



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