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What I Learned at the Hospital

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Thanksgiving Day this year was a very difficult time for us. My father had fallen and his blood pressure was extremely high. And we ended up spending the evening in an emergency room. At 5 a.m., Thanksgiving day he was transferred to another hospital that dealt with cardiac issues. They ended up changing his medications around. And this is a much better medication mix for him. His blood pressure is now quite a bit lower. We ended up coming home the next day. But as you know, a hospital stay can be an exhausting time. As I was sitting in the hospital with my father, I started thinking about systems. Systems have a particular way in which they need to operate. Where each part of the system needs to do its particular job. In the hospital everyone from the cardiologist to the nurses to even the maintenance personal all have responsibilities and they all needed to do their job. If even one part of the system wasn't at work, it would affect all the other parts of the system. I think that's how it's supposed to be in the church. Where as a body we relate to one another, we work together for a same cause and purpose for Our Father in heaven. What happens if one of us isn't doing what we are supposed to be doing? It will have an effect on the rest of us. That means we come along each other and support each other. We care for each other and we are there for each other. This way the Body of Christ functions effectively bringing glory to God. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever see it happen? But I believe in God who can do anything. Prayer: Lord, help us to be the people you've designed us to be. Lord, help us rely on one another, love one another and be there for each other. And may the world realize that you were sent and that you came to seek and save those who are lost - in part because of the witness of our unity.


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