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A "Care" Portal? Really

I remember hearing a story of a man who was walking down the beach where hundreds of starfish had drifted ashore... The man was reaching down and grabbing a starfish and throwing it as far as he could back into the ocean. I was watching the man and finally went to him and ask him why was he doing this? There was no way he could save all the starfish. Why was he even trying? The man reached out and grabbed another starfish and he threw it into the ocean. He said, "It makes a difference for that one." Now just imagine if many people were on that beach and they too were throwing the starfish back into the ocean. How many starfish might be saved? Basically, this is the concept for CarePortal. CarePortal is an online platform connecting child welfare case workers with local churches to meet the needs of vulnerable children and families right in their own communities. Now just imagine if we in the Body of Christ would come together to care for vulnerable children and families. How might that make a difference in the communities in which we live?


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