GPS: Global Positioning System or God Positioning System?

Renewal Prayer Network Executive Director Pastor Jay Richmond

Often when leaving my home and heading west, I go a certain way; over Central Avenue to 87 South to the Thruway. GPS, Global Positioning System, tells me I should head down to Everett Road and pick up I-90 and go on to the Thruway. Even though going the Everett Road way is quicker and less traffic I find myself going Central Avenue. I've been taking Central Avenue for years. And it's so difficult to break the habit and go the "unnatural way" to Everett Road.

Sometimes I find following GPS, God Positioning System, just as difficult. I've done things a certain way for so long that it's hard to stop and do things the way God has asked me to do it. Why is that? Is it just because of a habit? Is it disobedience? Is it I'd rather have it my way? Probably all of them at different times. We probably don't make a conscious decision to not follow God. It maybe we've just lost our focus. Remember Peter walking on the water? He was going where God asked them to go. But then he took his eyes off Jesus, concentrated on his surroundings, and he began to sink. Maybe that's how it is with us. For the God Positioning System to work, we have to be focused on God and at what he is asked us to do.

Prayer: Lord, all we like sheep have gone our own way. Lord, we have done it individually as well as corporately. First, Lord, we ask for forgiveness. Lord, would you fill us with your spirit so that we may follow you the moment you instruct us? May our Focus both individually and corporately be on You so that we may be positioned right where You want us to be. Amen.



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