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Summer' Heard But Not Scene

PHOTO: They are there somewhere.

There’s a summer scene that repeats itself each morning and evening by my invisible friends.

One particular buddy kicks it off by singing a solo. Before long, it’s a duet. Soon thereafter, it’s an innumerable group with a magnificent knack for ordered chaos that elevates modulation and crescendo to a new level…and every morning at that.

When the crickets join in but an hour later, it feels like the effects of the most expensive surround sound.

To be enclosed in the beauty of this season is to understand the wisdom - or better yet, “calling” - of the summer vacation.

It could only be the entrapment of a higher power that could be so entrancing.

And what if God himself enjoys the summer to no end? How is it that the God who invented the escape, enhancement and the eternity of a summer day or weekend or weekend doesn’t plan a vacation within that same season?

Could it be that like any lover His ecstasy is in establishing something that His loved ones can enjoy.

That’s His day on the beach.

That must be why I sense I am not alone every morning for the concert of concerts.

PORTAL TO HEAVEN: The score of our invisible friends is written by Our Invisible Friend and the enticements of summer are nothing less than a portal to His romance.

The season of singing birds has come, and the cooing of turtledoves fills the air.

Song of Solomon 2:12 NLT

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