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Why Jesus Spoke Like a Farmer

This week I had an opportunity to help some friends out in bringing in some hay. And to be honest with you I was quite sore after bringing in about 600 bales of hay. It brought back many memories. Growing up on a hobby farm in central New York, where we raised horses, sheep, chickens, ducks many other kinds of animals, I found myself flooded with memories of what it was like back on the farm. Life on the farm was very interesting, every season had its own responsibilities. In the spring we would sharing the sheep, preparing the ground for planting. In the summer we would mow, rake and bail the hay. And of course in the fall bring it all the crops. And for fair disclosure, I was quite young when all this was going on (my family moved onto the farm when I was a little over 1 years old), but still I have many fond memories.

This makes me think of the Body of Christ. There are times which we need to plant, we need to water and we need to weed, and we need to harvest. On the farm everything was very deliberate, everything needed to happen at a certain time for certain purpose. I can't help but think that maybe we've lost that in the church. What are we purposed for, why were here. Jesus came with a distinct purpose to seek and save the lost. And he gave us the same responsibility, he said to go into all the world and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything that he had commanded. Not only for the church is it the mission but it's also the mission for us as individuals. I know I for one need to take this more seriously. I need to live a life for the one who gave his life and for the purpose and which he called us all to live.

Prayer Lord would you remind us again why it is that we were saved. Lord we were recreated so that others might be recreated. Lord You've given us all, this responsibility to be your ambassadors, You've given us all, ministry of reconciliation. Help us Lord corporately, and help us Lord individually. Lord fill us with your spirit that we might live the life you designed us to live. Amen.


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