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When Jesus is the Center...

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas season. In the last few weeks we looked at Peace, Hope, Joy and Love as we pictured the advent wreath and considered these benefits of Jesus. Just as each of these surround the Christ candle, and our lives are centered on Jesus, we will experience these benefits as well.

There is a perfect unity when Jesus is the center - we have peace, hope, joy and love. There is a harmony as these things just flow together. I believe the same is true as to how our corporate interaction could and should be. As Jesus is the center for the individual or organization, we experience the same benefits. Taking it yet a step higher, we all function in sync together, like an orchestra or a well-oiled machine; everything working together in perfect harmony. “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!” Psalm 133:1

Prayer: Psalm 103 reminds us not to forget His benefits. When we forget His benefits, we may begin to forget Him. Lord everything revolves around You! Everything we have comes from Your hand. Lord may our eyes always be on You. May You remain our focus. May we live in such harmony that Your peace, hope, joy and love flow in and through Your Church and bring glory and honor to You!


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