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Advent's Joy & Love

I know Decembers are traditionally known to be just a crazy month. People looking to go everywhere all the time, at the same time; but to be honest, I never thought it that way until this December.

In the last 2 weeks, my family has been blessed with our first granddaughter, Stella Grace and my son Matthew married his sweetheart Stephanie just last Saturday.

Yeah, this month has been kind of crazy. But it's also been a lot of fun.

When I think about Advent, I think peace, I think about hope but there is also joy. Yes, it's easy to be joyful over a new granddaughter and a new daughter-in-law, but amazing thing with Jesus is joy is still there even when it's not the happy times, the good times, the times you look forward to. Through Jesus we have a joy that is there all the time, through the struggles and what the Bible may call suffering.

Jesus came to give us joy, His joy, the complete and perfect Joy. (John 15:11) A joy that's there in the wonderful times and the joy we still have when one's life might not be going so great. It is a joy that comes from being with, or remaining in, Jesus. The joy doesn’t come from the situation but from the relationship, the relationship with Jesus.

When I think about Advent, I also think about love. Again, in John 15, The Father loved Jesus and He loves us the same way. (vs. 10) We remain in Jesus when we obey his commands. What did he command us? To love each other as he has loved us. It all comes back to our love for one another.

PRAYER: I pray that your Christmas is a wonderful time growing closer to Jesus. I pray we will love each other very deeply. So deeply that the those who do not yet know Jesus, would believe the Father sent Him.


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