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The Stages of God, Part II

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Throughout history and Christendom, poet-warriors have tried to describe the incarnation in sermon, prose, painting and song and symbols. One great saint called Jesus the “indescribable gift.” Speaking for all writers, that’s about “write.”

However, few of us who peck at a keyboard, scribble with a pen and paper or have in days of old scratched out their lines with a quill can only the boyhood of Jesus a mystery-minus-one-incident.

There is the famous account of Jesus when he was twelve discussing things with the elders. Needless to say, the boy-God amazed them. No youth group for this kid.

When I was twelve, I would have been discussing The New York Mets or Joe Namath’s last touchdown. I might have had my first crush within that year.

It would be absolutely dishonest to say that Jesus wouldn’t have been interested in playing or hanging out with his cousins because that’s what Joseph and Mary presumed. He was a tweener in every sense of the word. He was every boy.

The boy-God didn’t exempt himself from adolescence and all that that meant. He obviously studied scripture preparing for his coming of age.

The little window that we do have is that he “was subject” to his parents. Oh, would it be the same of every adolescent and young adult!

When I was a teen and young adult, I drifted so far into sin that “prodigal” might have been an understatement.

No matter what stage God was at in his flesh, he made no attempt to shield himself from our experiences and yet was sinless. Now, that is “indescribable.”

PORTAL TO HEAVEN: The stages of Jesus Christ are portals in that they reveal the very heart of God in a way that we cannot excuse ourselves and our experiences and sin as “indescribable” to him. He leaves us no out. How might that affect your prayer life?

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!

2 Corinthians 9:15 (NIV). The great writer, sinner and saint: Paul The Apostle.

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