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Life Forevermore is For Now!

Renewal Prayer Network Executive Director Pastor Jay Richmond

The Lord’s Commanded Blessing! "Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! … For there the Lord has commanded the blessing, life forevermore." Psalm 133:1, 3 How important is unity to our Lord? The lives of many depend on it! David said in Psalm 133 that is good and pleasant when brothers dwell in unity. God (thinks or-declares that it is good) it's good. God (believes or -has purposed that) it is pleasant when we as His follower’s dwell in and experience the unity we have in Him. When we are in that unity, the Lord commands His blessing. And what is that blessing ? - life forevermore.

Note how this ties in with Jesus’ priestly prayer in John 17 where He prayed that all the world would believe that He was sent when we his followers are one like He and the Father are one. That idea “believe” is really about life forevermore: eternal life, life with Jesus, life with the Father, life with the Spirit, (all one - life with one another), altogether! Here it is what the psalmist (said -revealed), “life forevermore”. Think about how you and I live this life. In reality how we get along in this life as His followers has a great impact on those who have not yet come to know Jesus. Our prayer is this, that we might live as one, knowing it is good and pleasing to our Father - living our lives in such a way that the Lord commands the blessing of “life forevermore” and that the world He so loves will “see” and experience His love and be drawn to Him.


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