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Longing for an Awakening

RPN Weekly Column

Since its inception decades ago, Renewal Prayer Network has been longing for an awakening. Our hope is that we would see an awakening here in the capital region and throughout the world.

It is a great privilege that Robert LaCosta has introduced the Awaken website to be able to regularly share what it may take for an awakening to occur. We will also bring you news of unifying efforts and awakenings as we hear of them from mature sources. We believe it's all about unity.

In John 17, Jesus prayed for the unity, for our unity that we might be one as He and the Father are one. Jesus said the world would believe if…our love for one another and our unity would be like that of He and the Father. Jesus gave us one command: that we would love one another as he has loved us and in 1 John 3:23 God commanded us to believe in Jesus and obey Jesus’ command.

Could it be that majority of the world around us does not know Jesus because of a lack of love for one another our lack of unity?

Over 30 years ago Paul Billheimer wrote, “The fragmentation of the church has been the scandal of the ages. It's Satan's master strategy. The sin of disunity has probably caused more souls to be lost than all of the other sin combined.”

It's our hope and I know the hope of many people that we would see an awakening and that it would happen soon. Hundreds of thousands of people all around us don't know Jesus and if He were to return – well, they just wouldn't be going with us. Would you join us in continuing to pray for an awakening here and throughout the United States and the world?

We need Jesus. We are desperate for him. Come Lord Jesus, come. God bless you.

Pastor Jay Richmond

Executive Director

Renewal Prayer Network


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