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Near and Far Pandemic

Critical Services


Fifty percent of profits from Love Goes Viral campaign will be divided among non-profits that serve those hardest hit by the pandemic.


Two groups, for example, serve the most vulnerable children: orphans and foster kids. One group’s emphasis is in the United States with fostering while the other serves orphans overseas. Hearts of the Father Outreach and Justice for Orphans are trusted partners with Love Goes Viral songwriter Robert J. LaCosta.


LaCosta was a short-term missionary and board member with Hearts of the Father Outreach and has seen orphanage work across three continents. His connection with a Ghana orphanage through HOF and his admiration of nurse’s aides from Ghana who assisted his father-in-law in long term care inspired the opening line of “Love Goes Viral.”


Justice for Orphans is a group led by leaders who walk their talk, adopting and fostering within their family while leading a movement of awareness and action. Their expanding vision and partnerships are zeroing in on solutions for the foster-care crisis in America.

"Hearts of the Father Outreach founders John and Libby Moritz and Sandra Flach of Justice for Orphans," said LaCosta, "have worked tirelessly over decades to help the most vulnerable among us. Please, grab some merchandise and help us help them continue the everyday tasks that change lives."

Other groups will include hearing foundations that give hearing aids and hearing assistance to the disadvantaged here and around the world - a work that LaCosta experienced in a personal way.

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