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What Hasn't Changed During COVID...

Putting things in perspective is something your great-grandmother would have counseled you about. The coronavirus, the media, social unrest, election year jockeying and dealing with the effect of quarantines on our personal lives might shake anyone's perspective don't let it.

Labor Day Launch of Love Goes Viral:

Check out LoveGoesViral2020 Facebook Live Event on Labor Day at 8am and 8pm

I wrote Love Goes Viral in the midst of the pandemic because love is what I witnessed at the personal and worldwide level (through media reports). Besides your own life, think of how many acts of love and courage were brought out by COVID. We're formally launching Love Goes Viral on Labor Day with a Facebook Live event that will review the song, have some unseen backstory stuff, introduce a few non-profits to you that will benefit from the proceeds of the song, give away a few prizes and share a needed message for the stressed time we are living through. See you at LoveGoesViral2020 Facebook Page on Labor Day at 8 am and 8pm. and it is there that you will find out that your great-grandmother was right.

Daily Newspaper Features "Love Goes Viral" Labor Day Launch...



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