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How To Bow At Christmas

We are participating in the slaughter of the innocents if we insist on substituting Santa for the incarnation. One is all about "being good" while the other recognizes that we are not good and need the help of one who is a child who "shall lead them.” While certain traditions can enhance through symbolism, others lead children to ego-centric interpretations every December. Here’s a way to steer us and our children back in the right direction this Christmas… When we think of royalty laying down their position to worship The Child of Bethlehem, we can also ponder how the twenty-four elders are laying down their crowns. Perhaps we can bring gifts to children who need them most; those whom Jesus would have identified as a poorer child himself. Before the tax season ends, it might bless The Babe we worship if we’d consider giving to a ministry that blesses children with a home, food and an education. When my dear friends John and Libby Moritz lost their three young children in a tragic car accident, their world was shattered. In the memory of Josh, Kris and Dan, they built an orphanage in Ghana, Africa. Thousands of lives have been touched through their offering to the Christ Child. You may find out how you could present your gifts to Jesus through this ministry. Go online and donate or send them a check. It’s a way of bowing in adoration. Hearts of the Father Outreach, P.O. Box 491, Sheffield, MA 01257 • (413) 229-2922

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