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Guitarist On The Roof!


Roofing Contractor Jim Staats has mastered the delicate balance between tradition and cutting edge that would make the Fiddler on the Roof a bit envious even if it’s a guitar in his hand instead of a violin.

Unlike Fiddler’s Tevye, the seventy-seven year old isn’t resisting change - he’s creating it. When he’s not installing metal roofs, Staats is recruiting young musicians to explore the heights of singing and performing his original country and gospel music.

“My songs are easily sung by young people,” he said, “and it’s amazing to see what they can learn and do. We carefully worked through the pandemic and when we had enough material, we went into the studio and recorded an EP album. My songs present situations, stories, metaphors and hit on contemporary issues.

The title track, for example, was penned to give hope in the midst of the recent social upheaval. The Chorus of “Good News Train” puts it this way:

“Now everywhere you look, there is violence and crime. Can you hear someone crying out in pain? Do you think that there’s nothing much you can do? Well get ready for ‘The Good News Train.’ You can sing Hallelujah, You can praise the Lord above, You can shine the light from Jesus in a world that needs His love.”

“Good News Train” is available through their website at where you can also go to book them for an engagement.



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