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Let's Move This...Inside

ABOVE: Still photo of someone never still.

While some may head for the slopes or sledding, many other kids and grown-ups prefer indoor sports in the middle of the winter.

And so it was. On an evening that might warn of frostbite, sweat was dripping from every one of the fifteen kids at the indoor trampoline park for London’s birthday.

With regard to more permanent and personal indoor space, homeowners can spend a fortune designing the interior of their houses. Whether it’s a rec room, a den, a well-positioned and cozy fireplace area, a man-cave or whatever, what good is it if you don’t get to spend time – and lots of it – in that space?

Winter affords the opportunity to move your life inside for a while. And until that crossesthe line into cabin-fever, there’s no place like (the inside of your) home.

PORTAL TO HEAVEN: God’s arrangement of literal, physical and spiritual seasons are no accidents and it’s better to work with Him than fight against them. They are not as random as they might seem.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…

Ecclesiastes 3:1


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