There's A "Veteran of Life" In Every Aisle

AJ was on the West Virginia when it was struck during the raid of Pearl Harbor. He talked about it matter-of-factly and often reiterated that it wasn’t his closest call because he jumped off the ship and swam to safety. His more serious brush with death came during a boat-to-boat conflict in the North Pacific and there would have been no swimming to shore from out there. His captain told his men to “prepare to die.”

Many people who passed AJ in a well-stocked and safe everyday grocery store could never have guessed that this man’s mind stored memories that could fill all of the shelves of the store.

Veteran’s Day is not just for the old vets. Younger ones carry their own stories.

But it behooves us to teach our children and grandchildren to look beyond the wrinkles or canes and the blue hats with some division written on it.

PORTAL TO HEAVEN: It really is our “duty” to pay special tribute to those who performed their duty. And a wider analogy may be made here. May it be that our hearts would soften up to those around us who are veterans of life and have been through many unseen battles. You never know what is behind the eyes that are looking at you.

When [Jesus] saw the crowds, he had compassion on them...

Matthew 9:36 NIV


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