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Who Were Your "Mainstays?"

Went back to the old homestead. Pulled out the iPhone. Click, click.

Rode by Jeff Stopper’s house and Pat Mannion’s place and the Millers. They were among the best of boyhood friends. Click, click.

While these streets and homes now seem a bit distant, they are not for those who remained in our hometown.

It’s a lot like life. God gives us things, places and people that seem to be mainstays. Some remain where they were as if to guard our formative years and memories.

They’re not going anywhere.

PORTAL TO HEAVEN: It is said that “You can never go home again.” But that’s not true in the spiritual realm. We can always slip right back into our prayer closet and when we don’t, can’t or procrastinate,… we remember that Jesus said that He wasn’t going anywhere. Consider the rock from which you were cut, the quarry from which you were mined.

- Isaiah 51:1 NLT


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