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It is No More...

It is no more…

My boyhood Green Brook Swim Club was home to so many summer memories for this New Jersey native.

It’s been bulldozed and logged for its trees. The parking lot still exists as if a metaphor for me. Even as I stare in disbelief, I have parked memories here.

There are no more mosquito-zappers buzzing constantly at 9 p.m. just before the lifeguards politely reminded us that the pool was closing. What long, lazy days a kid can spend at a swim club.

The grills are absent that cooked hot dogs for most, but served as a heater for Mom’s irresistible sauce.

The teenage girls that sunbathed on the sundeck now have adolescent grandchildren.

Many of those who took advantage of the “adult swims” times have gone to the great swim club in the sky.

Memories stack like books. This past summer has less dust on it than those summers of long ago. How vibrant the past now appears may well indicate how we view today.

PORTAL TO HEAVEN: There is probably something happening right this very day that will become a distant memory. It’s healthy to look at these times not just in sentimental ways but in a manner that’s within the context of eternity. LORD, make me to know my end And what is the extent of my days; Let me know how transient I am. - Psalm 39:4 NASB


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