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A Swamp of "Stuff"

The worst difficulties we can find ourselves in are the ones we squarely place ourselves in.

And so it was that as a burned-out senior in college, I trudged along in a swamp of “stuff.”

I had partied, unsuccessfully explored relationships, overemphasized extra-curricular participation in a campus organization and woke up to the reality that I had not only misplaced academic credits but also lost myself.

God had waited patiently through my wandering years. When I waved the white flag, He gently brought me through years of stubborn surrender.

A self-inflicted difficulty can be a wonderful teacher - especially in terms of contrast. When I began to see God’s kingdom open up before me compared to the self-indulgence that brought about depression and failure on so many fronts, I became an A+ student in the subject of humiliation.

God always lays out the narrow and broad ways. He is the professor that can use either way. He just happens to have a knack for prodigals who find themselves in their own “stuff.”

PORTAL TO HEAVEN: Sin is becoming the best-kept secret in this world as if it is out of vogue. No one wants to talk about how it leads us into difficulties too numerous to list. But when we discover this self-infliction, the startling illumination of a Savior makes his countenance ever brighter.

Ephesians 2:1,2 NIV, 1 Peter 2:9 NIV, Revelation 21:23


On "Holding Your Nose Vs. Holding a Hand"

I don’t think anyone can truly love in a biblical sense without the power of the Holy Spirit! All other love is just a shadow an imitation of the real thing at best.

Frank Wray, Delmar, NY


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