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The Curiosity Factor

Remember the old TV program, where a man will walk out of his doctor's office wearing a neck brace with his head tilted looking upwards. He’ll be standing next to us at the bus stop waiting for his bus to come and pretty soon other people start looking upwards as well. After a little while, a whole crowd gathers around and everybody is looking upwards.

I've noticed this sometimes as I am driving. I would see people going to a certain place and would to be drawn to go check it out. I’d be wondering what was happening over there. It's almost seems as if God put this natural curiosity in us. When we see people gathering together there's a natural desire in us to go and check it out. A need to see what's happening. Maybe it is a inner desire, wanting to belong.

This is a powerful tool which the church could use, if we could just grasp it. When we come together as the Body of Christ, there will be a natural desire, a natural curiosity among others to find out what's going on there. That's why, in His prayer in John 17, Jesus said the world would believe based on our Unity.

If we could be one, just like Jesus and the father are one. When we gather together, people will be drawn to come and find out why, wondering what's going on. And that is the beauty of The Body, the gathered Body of Christ, when those who don’t know Jesus, see our love for one another, they will know that we are his disciples. Then, they too will be drawn to become disciples as well.

Prayer: Lord, everybody wants to belong. You created us with a desire to be together with others. Lord, may Your church be one so that those who don't know You may come check us out. May there be a curiosity factor in the Body of Christ that draws people to come and see who it is who draws us together. May we embrace “curiosity factor” Lord. May we be who You've called us to be. May the world know that we're your disciples by our love for one another.


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