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The Most Inopportune Time May Just Be The Opportune Time

Renewal Prayer Network Executive Director Don't you just love it when phone calls come at the most inopportune time?

It seems they know to call right when you're eating or right when you're ready to go somewhere or maybe you're having a conversation across the fence with a neighbor. It's kind of like the waitress timing right. They always seem to ask you how your food is right after you've taken a bite.

Well it happened to me. I was leading our small group out of church and I receive a call from a good friend of mine. I do that quick text thing saying, “I'm busy now I'll call you right back.” Then he texted me these words “I need you.”

The obvious thing to do is to stop what I’m doing and call them. On the other end of the line, my friend was crying and asking for help. I told him, Yes, I'll do anything for you whatever you need. No explanation was needed.”

We can be thankful that's how God is with us. But this is how Jesus also told us to love each other, as He has loved us. We are known by our friends this way. We'll go out of our way, drop whatever we're doing, to help people we love. The point is that we help the people we love. Jesus told us that the world will know that we're his disciples by our love for one another. Do we just love a few select few in the Body of Christ, or do we love all our brothers and sisters in the body of Christ? What should be our response when a brother or sister is in need?

Prayer: Lord help us to love as You Love. Open our eyes to see our brothers and sisters. Help us to know each other, to care for each other and love each other. May those yet to know You will see You in us and be drawn to You!


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