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Waking Jonah AND Jesus During The Storm

I was in Ravena, N.Y. where I had an opportunity to meet with 10 other ministers. (These Pastors gather every Friday to pray for their community.) It was a great time together. We were laughing and sharing with one another.

After about 15 minutes, we watched the new Billy Graham movie, Flying Blind. This movie inspired us to pray. We prayed for the Church. We prayed for God to revive His people. To resuscitate us. To breathe life into us. Does it seem like, we in the Church, are just going through the motions, sort of asleep?

It reminded me of Jonah when he was asleep in the boat during the storm. I wonder, as the church, are we asleep during a storm.


I am always encouraged praying with the leaders in Ravena. From several congregations, these leaders are praying for their own lives and the life of the corporate Church of Ravena.

This brings me hope. What if God answered their prayers? How would their lives changed? What would be the impact in their community.

(Jonah and Jesus sleeping images courtesy of

Prayer: Lord, please breathe into us, resuscitate us. Lord, would you wake us up individually & corporately? Lord would you revive us for the sake of those who don't know you yet? Would you do this for your glory?


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