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In The Midst of Christmas, Is It Still Possible to Ponder?

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With family, friends, scheduled holiday parties, work and a some travel thrown in the mix, is there really a lot of time left over to ponder what causing the celebration in the first place?

Mary pondered what Gabriel said. She wasn’t taking notes. No instant replays. He didn’t scratch out a letter of intent.

Painting By Morgan Weistling.

She was left without a word…or was she? **Get Portals for New Year!(Below)**

Mary would have nine months and a lifetime of pondering. A trip to her cousin Elizabeth. An in-utero word uttered through a leap. A blessing that affirmed she was blessed because she believed in a word.

More than just believe, she pondered the word.

And the words kept coming through angels, shepherds, wise men, and the most devout of the temple.

With each one, Mary would ponder the word.

Whether sitting quietly alone near a tree or manger with The Word open to Luke’s original Christmas story or swallowing hard during Scrooge’s new devotion to Christ or driving past a particularly moving display of lights in a neighborhood or singing a carol or hearing a sermon, we somehow begin to understand the significance of the incarnation in a new way each and every year. Just when you thought you had grasped Christmas, it grasps you.

Mary, we join your inclination to ponder The Word.

PORTAL TO HEAVEN: Scripture is living and acting when The Holy Spirit sharpens our understanding. May we be just like The Christ Child who grew in wisdom and favor with God and man - no small undertaking even for those who ponder.

But Mary was treasuring up all these matters, pondering them in her heart…And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.

Luke 2:19 (BLB), Luke 2:52 (NASB)


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