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I Will Meet You in the Harvest

Songwriter's Note: Sometimes we have to raise our voice in praise BEFORE the harvest comes.

What work or effort are you still waiting for to produce a "harvest?"

I Will Meet You In The Harvest

I will meet you in the harvest after the rains come down

I will meet you in the harvest, you won’t be the only one around

There will be saints and heirs who’ve made it there

After a walk that lasted years

There will be fruit galore and so much more

Of the blessing of The Lord

The dry times have had their way

And you have walked their solemn parade

But I’ve ordered the clouds to go away

By the command of your praise

PORTAL TO HEAVEN: You are not the only one who has had to wait for a harvest. Please consider reading Hebrews Chapter 11. Jesus still awaits the answer to His "High Priestly Prayer" found in John 17.

Hebrews 11, John 17

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