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The "Greater" Church & Greater Love

I recently traveled with a few other pastors to Bridgeport, Connecticut, just outside New York City. The idea was to witness first-hand a movement of unity. I was curious if God wanted to bring something like this back to Albany. For the second consecutive year, congregations in Bridgeport gathered together for 10 days of Prayer. This year, they were praying and worshipping 24/7. Some 25 congregations across the city longing together for God.

As we sat with 10 Bridgeport pastors and observed their love for one another, it became very apparent that they would sacrifice for each other. This love was very profound, very tangible and very evident.

My mind went back to a time when many leaders came together in the Albany Region to plan event. The event was successful with many putting their faith in Jesus. These leaders start to discuss what they should do together next. One of the leaders suggested maybe we should have a time of “tea & crumpets”. He was suggesting maybe we should time some time to really get know each other. That idea didn't move forward and I believe that was the last time they met. The leadership team didn't appear to have a genuine, sacrificial love for each other. They put on a successful event, however didn’t develop relationships to carry them through their differences.

In John 13:35, Jesus said we would be know by our love for each other. These Pastors, the congregations, the church of Bridgeport is being known by their love for one another. May the church of Albany, the church of the Capital Region, may we be known by our love for one another.



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