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Seizing The Senior Moment

(This Week: Seizing The Moment.)

Having worked with seniors most of my life has shed light on their attitude-choices.

They fall into a few camps. A post-sixty person may feel a sense of anticipation of the “Golden Years” or he or she could be fearful of the constraints of his or her aging body or lack of finances or there may secretly be a downright dread of death.

Of course, there are other choices.

The latter concern of mortality is certainly understandable. While the old saying that “No one has come back after death to complain about it” is a lighter alternative, the fear of the unknown is legit.

In terms of physical limitations, the 60-100 set is reminded moment-by-moment of their age whether it’s an occasional Advil or a pill container that reminds one of the binary system.

Go to a local YMCA and you will see one eighty-year-old setting records while another is setting their fanny on a bench after only a few laps around the running track.

Beyond its effects on the body, aging also has a way of hitting the psyche the way a boxer pummels a midsection. Loss of relatives, friends and even children can be crushing.

Fixating on the old days is a temptation that leads to missing the moment.

PORTAL TO HEAVEN: If God has given the aged some measure of health, it is best for them to spend it in a strategic senior-only manner. Even aging’s pains seem to add to wisdom in terms of intercession and advice so…seize the “senior moment.”

"Anyone who is among the living has hope[b]—even a live dog is better off than a dead lion… Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might… Wisdom is better than weapons of war…”

Ecclesiastes 9:4,10,18 (NIV)


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